Make Your Business More Profitable And More Competitive With Enterprise EPOS Technology

By executing a total EPOS arrangement into your bar or chain of bars, you give yourself an enormous favorable position over your opposition. Why? Since you smooth out your activities which at that point permits you to expand efficiency, improve effectiveness and augment benefit.

Utilizing a progression of coordinated applications you control each component of your business at the bit of a catch, making your foundations more gainful by and large. You can oversee orders, costs, menu things and staff on a chain-wide premise, expanding the adequacy of occasional or special changes.

Presenting a framework which sorts out front of house, kitchens, inventory network and work is an unquestionable requirement during a time where bars are profoundly serious. With an Enterprise Management arrangement you can uphold the prerequisite for bind activities to oversee and control bar level information bases for both EPOS and back office applications.

With an answer like MICROS’ RES item, the Enterprise Management module gives chains an undertaking level administration instrument that empowers their bars to zero in on activities and client care, not data set organization. Add menu things to actualize another advancement for one bar, a locale, or the whole chain. Change estimating structures because of nearby serious pressing factors in key objective business sectors. EM empowers the HQ to effectively oversee bar level information to expand piece of the pie and boost edges.

The fate of big business EPOS innovation

Where does the future lie for bar EPOS? Well like most things nowadays, EPOS is setting out toward the Internet. With items, for example, MICROS’ ‘’ a substance rich web entrance; bar the board would now be able to get to facilitated applications for electronic retail location, back office, information warehousing, business knowledge and other business applications and substance making the cutting edge model of bar endeavor frameworks. offers exceptional advantages to both free and chain bar tasks. Autonomous bar proprietors and chain administrators can encounter an opportunity they have never had. Utilizing this Internet innovation, they approach their tasks’ constant information from a Web program – any time and anyplace. They can make changes in accordance with evaluating, menu things, or stock from across the road or the nation over – they’ll should simply sign onto the Web.

Sitting on top of the item is MICROS’ iCare Solution which gives a set-up of CRM modules that convey a 360ยบ perspective on your client’s exercises. This permits bar chains and free bars to speak with planned new clients and stay associated with existing regulars. By making mailing records you would then be able to help consent based email missions to possibilities and clients about occasions, offers and advancements. In the event that you go with this arrangement with a ‘gift voucher’ conspire, you can remunerate your regulars simultaneously by setting up a faithfulness program, which is all accessible with the MICROS iCare Solution.

Additionally incorporated with is MICROS’ MyInventory item which works with any EPOS framework that is taking care of information to the program based entrance. Of the relative multitude of cost parts related with back-office capacities, stock conveys the most serious danger to a bar administrator’s drawn out progress. Inventories expect money to create sufficient stock levels, fixed resources for store them, and human resources to oversee them. Regardless of whether a bar is colossally effective, enlarged inventories could imply that money is declining.